VectorVest Introduces Major Updates to Its Popular Mobile App

VectorVest -- Introduces Major Updates to Its Popular Mobile AppVectorVest -- Introduces Major Updates to Its Popular Mobile App
VectorVest -- Introduces Major Updates to Its Popular Mobile App

VectorVest — Introduces Major Updates to Its Popular Mobile App

CHARLOTTE, NC VectorVest, the world-renowned stock analysis and portfolio management system invented by Dr. Bart DiLiddo, has introduced major updates to its popular mobile app. Offering more platforms, more countries, and more subscription levels, the new VectorVest app provides access to six of the countries they track worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., South Africa and Singapore. The app is available to both Android and iOS users, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

A big issue that most investors face is determining the value, safety, and timing of a stock to decide the best course of action to maximize profits. Often, investment advisors tell traders to either buy or sell a stock too late, thus resulting in higher risks and smaller profits in the process. Dr. Bart DiLiddo, one of the foremost investment experts in the world and a trained mathematician with a PhD, devised VectorVest in order to help traders make faster and more knowledgeable decisions regarding trading stocks. Initially, VectorVest was available solely for PC users, but further development has led to the creation of the VectorVest mobile app for easy and convenient stock analysis on the go.

VectorVest Mobile analyzes, sorts, ranks, and graphs over 16,000 stocks worldwide for value, safety, and timing. This offers clear buy, sell, or hold recommendations to traders looking to make a safe and profitable investment. Using intelligent indicators that show exactly what a stock is worth, the app offers critical information that’s easily accessible even when investors are away from their computer. Stocks are automatically ranked from best to worst based on a unique combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Traders can create, view, and modify ‘WatchLists’, monitor multiple portfolios with easy-to-read graphs, and get clear market guidance in changing conditions with real-time market timing signals.

According to Dr. Bart DiLiddo, “When I designed this system, I did not have time to look through thousands of stocks. I needed answers fast, and that’s why I created VectorVest.”

You can download the app for free and analyze any stock. To unlock the true power of this app simply sign-up for a risk-free trial to VectorVest and receive full access to the app.

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The VectorVest system monitors thousands of stocks daily, calculating two measures of value for each stock in its database. The first measure is Value, the stock’s current worth, which is determined by such factors as cash flow, earnings, earnings growth, profitability, inflation, and interest rates. The second measure is Relative Value (RV), which identifies a stock’s potential for long-term price growth projected three years out, computed by an analysis that factors in AAA Corporate Bond Rates and risk. There are numerous investment strategies that may be applied to the VectorVest data, but no matter what the strategy and current market conditions, the system is flexible and reliable and invariably returns impressive portfolio growth with its clear-cut buy/sell signals.