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Filing For Bankruptcy In Utah

Nov 20

Filing For Bankruptcy In Utah

Filing bankruptcy in Utah is different than other places. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is different than chapter seven. Stop garnishments are possible, but chapter thirteen may be better because you can keep your home and car to some extent. If you have a creditor calling constantly or harassing you about repayment, chapter seven might seem like an attractive solution.

- You cannot file chapter 13 if you don't qualify. You should call a lawyer who knows before you do something you shouldn't and later regret it.

- Chapter 7 is the most common bankruptcy. It is the most common chapter because it can be completed rather quickly. It is called "liquidation bankruptcy" and you are allowed to keep certain property (like a car) if they don't fit in with your budget.

- If chapter seven doesn't work, chapter 13 might help. Chapter thirteen requires more time to complete though; at least

You need to know about stopping a writ of garnishment. This is when someone takes money directly out of your paycheck.

- chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best solution for you if you have a lot of unsecured debt, but also want to keep some assets like your car or home. You will need to qualify and then file under chapter thirteen in order to do this.

You should always file with a lawyer who has read the entire bankruptcy code. You should look for a chapter seven or chapter thirteen attorney who has been practicing bankruptcy law for at least three years.

- If you file chapter 13, it must be completed in five years and may require an additional year if the debtor wants to keep their house. They might have to make monthly payments on top of everything else they pay per month which

There is a Utah homestead act. You can stop a chapter 13 case if you have a lot of equity in your home. You need to know how much it is worth before filing chapter seven or chapter thirteen, and make sure you don't file one when the other would be better suited.

- If you qualify for a chapter thirteen bankruptcy then you will able to keep all of your assets.

Foreclosures are a problem in Utah. You may be able to stop a chapter 13 foreclosure if you qualify.

- Chapter seven bankruptcy is the easiest chapter, but filing chapter thirteen might work better for you. In either case, it's best to have an attorney who has experience with your type of issues as well as the law itself so that everything goes smoothly and they can help protect some things.

What about getting your repossessed car back? chapter seven might be what you need to do. It's best to have an experienced attorney who has read the bankruptcy code in its entirety so that they know when the right chapter is and if chapter 13 or chapter seven will work better for your situation.

- There are other ways out of debt too, like consolidating it through a credit counseling services, but we do not recommend that at all. That would be a bad idea. Call a bankruptcy lawyer instead.

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