2nd International Conference on Mediation by Law Center-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Event: 2nd International Conference on Mediation: (Capacity Development Program and Innovative Practices) in virtual mode

Law Center-II, Law Faculty, University of Delhi in collaboration with Samadhan: The Delhi High Court Mediation & Conciliation Center and the Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance, Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Delhi as part of the action research project of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and justice, government. of India organizes:

The second International conference on mediation (Capacity Development Program & Innovative Practices) in virtual mode.

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to have Indian Minister of Law and Justice in India, Electronics, IT and Communications, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, on his first day. Hon’ble Mr. Judge S. Ravindra Bhat on his farewell day as main guests.

Many other distinguished dignitaries would also appreciate our event with their presence and participation.


The virtual conference will take place from April 22, 2021 to April 24, 2021.

A brief schedule of the events is as follows:

April 22, 2021:

Opening session

April 23, 2021:

Session I: Capacity Development Program

Session II: Innovative Practices and Online Mediation

April 24, 2021: Session I: Mediation in family disputes

Session II: Mediation in IPR disputes

Session III: Mediation in simple business transactions

Session IV: Mediation in Commercial Disputes

A list of speakers and a detailed itinerary can be found in the official brochure



The organizers invite judges, faculty members, lawyers, research scientists, entrepreneurs, students, faculty members and other professionals. E-certificates will be made available to participants after successfully participating in all meetings. Registration for the conference is mandatory.

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About the conference[1]

Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution is a process of settling disputes with the help of a third neutral person who helps the parties to the dispute to find a negotiated solution. It empowers every common person in society and conveys justice in an inexpensive and expeditious manner.

This conference would help potential litigants and the public through awareness-raising and confidence-building measures, thereby reducing the burden on the courts. The expertise of the speakers, as well as the event’s distinguished dignitaries, is invaluable to the entire legal community, including attorneys, judges, law teachers, law students and legal researchers.

Recent legislative changes have also resulted in mediation playing a prominent role in resolving disputes. It shows the legislature’s increasing intent to bring the same to the fore, which also goes hand in hand with the changing demands of the times. Better dissemination of knowledge and information about the mediation process will increase public confidence in the process and ultimately lead to better administration of justice.

In a dynamic country like ours, a fast, fair and innovative dispute settlement system like mediation brings positive externalities to the economy, society, legal ecosystem and general prosperity of the entire nation.

About Law Center II

Law Center-II of the Law Faculty of Delhi University is a premier institution known for its quality teaching, research and other on-curriculum and off-curriculum activities. It was founded in 1971 and has a glorious past of 50 years. The current infrastructure, the commitment and the determination of the faculty members with an enormous quality of the students distinguish them from other institutions in the country. Law Center-II is proud to have the alumni who have earned the positions of governor, cabinet, and state ministers, parliamentarians, hon’ble judges, distinguished lawyers, senior lawyers, policy makers and some academics in the country.

About samadhan

The Delhi Supreme Court’s Mediation and Mediation Center, known as Samadhan, was established in May 2006. Its aim is to act as a catalyst to give the arguing public a healing touch in the amicable settlement of their disputes.

Samadhan is administered by a mixed committee of lawyers and judges who smoothly coordinate and oversee all of its activities. It has cemented an important and unique collaboration between the Bar Association and the Bank that has enabled the parties to the dispute to settle their disputes amicably and find peace and harmony in their lives.

Via the Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance

The Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSPPG) at the University of Delhi was established under the University’s Institution of Eminence (IOE). The University of Delhi has the privilege of being declared an Institution of Eminence by the Indian Ministry of Education. It is intended to serve as a key platform to promote and promote excellence in public policy and governance studies, research and public relations, and policy making. The school is intended to be the interface for the university

Working with the wider community of academics and practitioners in initiating, developing and sharing ideas to address various emerging national and international public policy challenges. More importantly, the school will fill the existing gap in building a specialized and efficient cadre of professionals dedicated to the civil service in India

Organizing Committee

PATRON IN-CHIEF : Prof. PC Joshi, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi

PATRON: Prof. (Dr.) Mahavir Singh Kalon, Professor in Charge, Law Center-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Conference director: Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, Assistant Professor, Law Center-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi; OSD, Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance, Institution of Eminence, University of Delhi (Project Investigator)

Co-director of the conference: Mr. Ashutosh Acharya, Assistant Professor, Law Center II, Law Faculty, University of Delhi (Co-Project Investigator)

Dr. Ajay Sonawane, Assistant Professor, Center of Law II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi


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Shubham Kumar :: + 91-8084845441

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