Authorized complaints in opposition to Bharara and others clarify the DOJ’s wrongdoing; Billy Walters attorneys are calling for an official investigation

Letters to Barr, Wray and NY, MA Bar disciplinary boards.

A group of former Justice Department officials, led by Preet Bharara, now a senior CNN legal analyst and a candidate for high-level appointment to the Biden administration, should be investigated and held accountable for their misconduct in high-level law enforcement activities over the past decade Series of letters better mailed today on behalf of retired investors and athletes, Billy Walters.

The investigation has been referred to Attorney General William Barr, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and state lawyers in New York and Massachusetts. In the letters, Walters attorneys document criminal misconduct and cover-up attempt during the government’s 2017 investigation and prosecution of Walters for insider trading. Walters is serving a five-year prison sentence while none of the prosecutors or FBI agents involved did so on their behalf Actions punished.

Last month, Walters filed a civil lawsuit against six former Justice Department officials in federal court in New York. The lawsuit describes a pattern of illegal leaks of grand jury secret information by former FBI supervisory agent David Chaves and Bharara’s efforts to cover up the leaks while serving as a U.S. attorney for the New York South District. On the eve of an evidence hearing requested by Walters’ legal team, the government admitted that Chaves was the source of the leaks. Evidence in the case shows that prior to the evidence hearing, Bharara had known about the FBI leaks for at least two years but did nothing and then covered himself up.

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“These letters describe behavior that should not be tolerated or rewarded in this country,” said Pierce O’Donnell, senior partner at Greenberg, Glusker of Los Angeles, who filed the lawsuit. “Something must be done if the people charged with enforcing our nation’s laws actually take part in breaking them. This is especially true for members of the Bar Association, who are rightly subject to the highest ethical standards. ”

The four letters describe the misconduct of federal law enforcement officers and their attempt to cover up. You can find the letters here. Here is a quick summary.

  • A request to US Attorney General Barr to investigate the wrongdoing of Bharara and others, and the DOJ’s failure to “recommend criminal or disciplinary action.” The letter asked Barr to publicly report the results of his findings.
  • A request to FBI Director Christopher Wray to investigate Chaves’ wrongdoing. “This letter,” writes O’Donnell, “specifically addresses the deliberate disclosure of confidential investigative and classified information of the grand jury by federal law enforcement officers, the supervisors covering up these spills and failing to keep them.” Each of these officers is responsible for this wrongdoing. “The letter notes that FBI leaks” have become an epidemic. “
  • A formal complaint against Bharara to the Attorney Grievance Committee of the Appeals Division of the New York Supreme Court describes Bharara’s cover-up of a federal crime and reveals the false briefs Bharara’s office filed in federal court. The complaint calls for the AGC to investigate Bharara and the Supreme Court disciplines him. Barr is a licensed member of the New York State Bar in good standing.
  • A formal complaint against Chaves with the Board of Bar Overseers in Massachusetts describes a series of illegal leaks in the Walters Attorney General and six other cases. It should be noted that after admitting the leaks, Chaves hired a defense attorney and exercised his right to fifth amendment not to incriminate himself. “To put it simply,” the complaint read, “David Chaves benefited significantly from his apparent violations of the law and his ethical obligations as a lawyer. His illegal treatment of Walters seems only the tip of the iceberg if Chaves disregards the law and the rights of others. “” Chaves is a licensed member of the Massachusetts State Bar.

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