Firebirds is charged with sexual harassment and assault

The restaurant is charged after an unnamed waitress claims she was molested and assaulted by staff.

The one-time waitress at North Carolina-based Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, who is not named in court records, is suing the company for alleged months of sexual assault and harassment. Most of the allegations stem from a private sex tape of her that was hanging around the restaurant.

The alleged victim was working for a Firebirds Wood Fired Grill location in Raleigh in December 2018 when a sexually explicit video of her – intended for her boyfriend – was accidentally posted on the group chat of a Facebook group that consisted of the restaurant Waiters “Claims the lawsuit. “Instead of taking steps to remove the video and prevent it from being shared, Firebirds management and staff forwarded the video and shared it with the restaurant’s kitchen staff.”

The plaintiff alleged her employees molested and even groped her until February 2019 when she finally decided to report the treatment to corporate headquarters. The woman said she never got a response when she first complained. So she followed a second time and a member of staff responded and wrote down her contact information. About “an hour later,” according to court records, she received text messages, some of which said, “You can run, but you can’t hide … you won’t kill anyone but yourself.”

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Firebirds International, LLC, the restaurant’s parent company, has been accused of “fixing not only rampant sexual harassment but also sexual assault at the North Hills Avenue location since at least August 2018 when the woman was hired as a waitress. From the start, the woman, a Wake County resident, whose age was not disclosed, was exposed to unsolicited sexual comment and physical sexual harassment, “including” non-consensual touching, “according to court records. As soon as the video was circulated, these cases increased and at one point “female cartoon breasts were drawn next to them [her] Name on the schedule. “

The alleged victim felt “forced to resign and was constructively dismissed” in February 2020, according to the October lawsuit. He is now seeking legal action and damages of at least $ 100,000 in lost income to compensate for their emotional strain.

In a previous case settled last year, Firebirds agreed to pay $ 2.5 million to settle wage theft claims from just over 7,000 servers between May 12, 2014 and January 3 Were employed in its various locations nationwide in 2019. The lawsuit was filed by lead plaintiff Josh. Nolen filed in 2017 on behalf of all of the restaurant’s servers, claiming it failed to pay the minimum wage by “illegally tipping all of its servers’ wages when it did not tip them.” paid or given them reasonable notice “. Nolen said: “If employees with tips are not properly informed of the tip and pay less than the minimum wage, it is against the law on fair labor standards.”

Nolen was assisted by another plaintiff, Maggie Brooks, and each received $ 15,000 in service awards. Class lawyers could ask for up to a third of the payout.


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