gTLDs under the microscope in the first quarter of 2021

Our MarkMonitor ™ team’s Q1 2021 New gTLD Quarterly Report examines .kpmg usage, new gTLD rankings, current launch analytics, and potential policy implications for next-round .brand applicants.

Since the end of April is already ahead of us, we are taking a fresh look at .kpmg and its ongoing .brand usage strategy in our first quarterly report of the year. A review of the rankings for .brands and other new gTLDs, as well as an examination of the factors that influenced enrollment rates for new gTLD launches in 2019 and 2020, is included.

Our MarkMonitor team of experts is also analyzing the ICANN final report on the new policy development process for subsequent gTLD procedures to determine what impact this could have on .Land TLD applicants in the next application round. Given our usual round-up of .brand activities and the upcoming industry meeting schedule for 2021, this quarterly report must be read to keep up to date with the latest developments in the gTLD industry.

.kpmg .brand Usage and Rankings in the News We last reviewed KPMG’s usage of .kpmg in our Q3 2019 version of our new gTLD quarterly report. In this report, we’ll review KPMG’s later use of .kpmg and look at the rankings of websites based on new gTLDs and .brands. Can you imagine where ranks on’s global list of the 10,000 Best Websites?

What is the ‘x-factor’? The starts for 2019 and 2020 are being reviewed

While the rollout of new gTLDs is expected to occur in the course of 2021, we are reviewing the rollout for the past two years to identify factors that may contribute to the likelihood that these TLDs will be “launched” with a large number of registrations. Read the report to see our results on everything from .dev to .hair.

Four key insights for brand owners from the ICANN final report on the new policy development process for gTLD follow-up procedures

Earlier this year, the ICANN Generic Name Support Council (GNSO) unanimously approved the final report on the new process to develop guidelines for subsequent gTLD practices. As the result of a five-year project, the final report provides the ICANN Board of Directors with guideline recommendations and implementation guidelines with the aim of improving the .brand application process.

The final report comprises a total of 378 pages and 41 topics, ranging from protecting registrants to resolving disputes and helping registrars. To help you understand what the final report means for brand owners, we’ve identified four key takeaways that potential .brand applicants need to know:

1. Relaxed demands can make managing branded TLDs less of a burden

2. Applicants may have more flexibility to update their application after submitting it

3. Increased application transparency can benefit both the community and the applicants

4. Improved efficiency offers hope for an optimized application process

.brand TLD News, Industry Meetings and Next Steps Read the new report (available here) for more information on .brand registration trends, as well as the calendar of domain industry events in 2021. As registrar for many of the most visited domain names on the Internet, we will continue to monitor developments in the gTLD and .Brand namespace and pass this information on to our customers.

To learn how this information can help you make domain portfolio management decisions, contact your Client Services Manager or contact us here to see what our MarkMonitor domain management solutions are for in 2021 You can do

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