Lawsuit: Personal faculty in Lansing, Michigan, urges well being division mandates

Resurrection School in Lansing, Michigan is suing the state Department of Health and others for excessive COVID-19 mandates.

A lawsuit was filed earlier this week by the Resurrection School in Michigan over allegations that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Ingham County Health Department’s COVOD-19 mandates regarding school children are inappropriateness and exaggeration. According to the lawsuit, kindergarten-age children “shouldn’t have to sit in a classroom with a mask for up to seven hours a day to stop the spread of COVID-10”.

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Lawyers from the small school noted that the Resurrection School went to great lengths to “prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their small, non-public school in Lansing.” Yet “health officials require elementary school children to wear masks … The breadth and scope of the contested orders are shocking … the excessive or unreasonable requirement of wearing a face mask has become a symbol of oppression and an attempt by the government to control citizens,” It says in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Grand Rapids by the school and the parents of four students. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Ingham County Health Department are named as defendants. In addition, the lawsuit calls on Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her 192 orders issued to combat the spread of COVID-19. Since the Michigan Supreme Court put down many of their orders, Whitmer has reached out to the state health department to “continue to issue more unilateral and draconian orders that reorganize social life.”

The lawsuit states: “The mandates add up to seven additional hours of continuous masking for students aged five and over.” Earlier this week, the school asked a federal judge to “intervene and allow the school to operate without the health ministry’s mask rules for Children in grade K-5 have to enforce when the children sit socially at their desks in their elementary school classes. ”

Lynn Sutfin, a spokeswoman for Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, said the agency was confident the epidemic order was legal. She added:

“MDHHS Director Robert Gordon enacted the order under a different law than that invalidated by the Michigan Supreme Court. The law that Director Gordon acted under was passed by Michigan lawmakers specifically to combat epidemics. ”

Lawyers from the Great Lakes Justice Center and the American Freedom Law Center represent the plaintiffs and are sidelined against the state health department. They said, “Students and schools across Michigan have had personal classroom training with comprehensive health and safety protocols since August 2020.” In addition, the Resurrection School has worked according to an approved plan to successfully prevent the spread of COVID-19. The lawsuit continues:

Health Department regulations mandate that children wear masks regardless of whether the children are safely away from each other and how the mandate affects children’s ability to study religion and to fully engage in the United States’ constitutions and of Michigan violate Michigan law. Resurrection School adheres to strict protocols, including social distancing, frequent hygiene, and continuous monitoring of student and family health. To date, the Resurrection School has avoided outbreaks in their school by following a strict protocol. “

US District Court judge Paul L. Maloney was appointed to handle the case.


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