Republican MP Louie Gohmert requested VP Pence for permission to sue him

MP Gohmert tries to force Pence to exercise an uncertain authority to overturn votes.

Texas MP Louie Gohmert tried to convince Vice President Mike Pence to abuse his power and devalue democratic votes in the electoral college.

KLTV reports that Gohmert’s original plan was revealed at a hearing in late December. Gohmert, a Republican representative from Tyler, Texas, is suing Pence – among his own party leaders – in a last-ditch effort to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from winning the 2020 election.

According to KLTV, Gohmert’s lawsuit seeks to prevent Pence – who as Vice President is the symbolic head of the electoral college – from counting the ballots of democratic voters in battlefield states.

Gohmert, like many other conservatives, has refused to accept that President Trump lost both the vote and the referendum. Instead of accepting defeat, Gohmert and his allies have sought to overhaul the country’s legal system to keep Trump in office.

Gohmert’s lawsuit, like many of those submitted by the Trump campaign itself, assumes that the 2020 presidential election must be affected by widespread electoral fraud.

Vice President Mike Pence. Image via Wikimedia Commons, uploaded by Michael Vadon (CCA-BY-4.0).

While Pence is the target of Gohmert’s complaint, the Texas Republican had contacted the Vice President prior to filing it.

Prior to moving to emergency relief, the plaintiffs ‘attorney held a phone call with the vice president’s attorney and emailed a copy of the complaint and an unsigned final copy of the plaintiffs’ motion.

“On the conference call,” the court records read, “the plaintiffs’ attorney made a meaningful attempt to amicably resolve the underlying legal issues, including advising the vice-president’s attorney that the plaintiffs intended to seek immediate injunctive relief if the parties did not agree. ” No agreement was reached through these talks and this lawsuit has been brought. “

Gohmert said that he did not speak to Pence himself, but that his lawyers had contacted the Vice President’s legal team.

“I haven’t spoken to the Vice President himself since we filed the lawsuit, but we contacted his lawyers,” said Gohmert. “It is important to note that the lawsuit against my friend is Vice President Mike Pence in his official capacity.”

Bloomberg adds that Gohmert did not convince Pence’s attorneys to expedite the lawsuit by “serving” Pence via email.

Gohmert’s lawsuit is unlikely to be successful. As some legal experts have pointed out, allowing Vice President Pence to override voting would wield tremendous power in a single office – allowing any future Vice President to take over the Oval Office for himself.


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