SC noted that there was no obstacle in considering SC lawyers for the office of HC judge

The Apex Court orally noted that there is no barrier to including the Supreme Court attorneys for the High Court judiciary.

The bank that made this oral remark consisted of the Chief Justice of India and heard a matter related to the appointment of judges.

The prima facie evidence the bank heard was in case PLR Projects Ltd. against Mahanadi Coalfields Pvt Ltd., with the bank examining the issue related to vacancies at high courts.

The President of the Bar Association of the Supreme Court, Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, put before the bank that the colleges of the Supreme Court would not use the names of the Supreme Court attorneys to serve as the Supreme Court judge.

However, the bank denied this submission by the SCBA president, stating that they themselves recommended the names of the SC attorneys and that the College of the High Court had also looked into this. The bank also cited examples from the High Court of Punjab & Haryana, High Court of Madras, etc., who viewed SC attorneys as high court judges.

The President of the SCBA asked the bank to make such a remark in one of its orders. However, the bank did not believe that there was no such bar and it would not issue an order to do so.

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