South Dakota Sports activities Betting Poll Query: What to Know Earlier than You Vote

Three states, including South Dakotawill decide whether sports betting allows this choice or not.

None of the voices in Louisiana, Maryland or South Dakota, however, will lead to the launch of sports betting in the near future. The votes in all three states are simple yes or no votes that require further action from any legislature if sports betting is approved.

Here’s what we know about the vote to potentially approve sports betting in SD:

What’s the South Dakota Sports Betting Referendum Question?

The referendum in South Dakota is a little different than in Maryland and Louisiana. South Dakota is proposing an amendment to the state’s constitution to add sports betting to the games allowed therein Deadwood.

However, the Attorney General makes it clear that sports betting is allowed outside of Deadwood:

“Under federal law, any legislative-approved game of chance offered in Deadwood would also be allowed in tribal casinos with reservations if changes were made to current tribal gaming contracts.”

Tribal casinos can offer any legal game in the state in which they operate. That is, the state 11 Indian casinos could also offer sports betting.

When would legal sports betting be available in South Dakota?

As in Maryland and Louisiana, it could be until the beginning of next year in South Dakota NFL Season to get sports betting going.

The referendum did not have overwhelming support in one chamber. It was passed with a single vote in the House of Representatives this year after failing the Chamber in 2019.

That could mean a lot of back and forth between the two sides before rules are agreed.

What are the current legal betting options for South Dakotans?

Aside from the southeastern part of South Dakota, there aren’t many ways to legally bet on sports.

The ones in the Sioux Falls The subway area can easily participate in legal sports betting Iowa. Bryan Bennett, COO from Betfred USA which operates sports betting at Big falls Casino said much of the casino’s business comes from the 250,000 People in the Sioux Falls subway region.

Come January 1st, 2021These South Dakotans crossing the border also no longer need to visit a casino to open a mobile account. That means anyone within the Iowa boundaries can remotely register for one of its licensed sports betting.

Sports betting also come to the border states from North Dakota and Wyoming in a limited capacity. Tribes in both states recently announced plans to launch sports betting at their casinos.

Would mobile sports betting be legalized?

The text of SJR 501 does not specifically allow mobile sports betting. Nor does it specifically prohibit it.

The amended article of the state constitution, if passed, would read:

In addition, law allows lawmakers to legally approve roulette, keno, craps, betting on sports events, limited card games, and slot machines within the Deadwood city limits.

There is definitely scope for operators and lobbyists there. Either of them could argue that mobile sports betting would still be placed within the confines of Deadwood if the mobile betting servers were all in Deadwood, for example.

What are the chances that the referendum will be passed?

SJR 501 supporters said the majority of South Dakotans wanted legal sports betting.

Neither Rep. Timothy Johns and Deadwood Gaming Association lobbyist Roger Tellinghuisen presented these survey statistics however.

Gaming operators remain cautiously optimistic, according to the executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association Mike Rodman said a local Fox Outlet earlier this month.

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