Sports activities betting in Arizona is required to insert the governor’s deal with

legalization Arizona Sports betting won’t be an easy process though Governor Doug Ducey want to take the first steps.

Ducey responded this week to his desire to redesign the state’s gaming landscape in his own State of state Address. This includes the ability to do AZ sports betting both on and outside of the state’s tribal reserves:

“There’s also the option for a modernized gaming contract that will bring more revenue to our tribal nations and our national budget,” said Ducey.

Ducey recently negotiated new game packs for tribes in Arizona. The current 20-year contracts expire in 2022.

Legislative efforts for sports betting in Arizona

Ducey’s move could help a bill that got nowhere, despite support, last year Senator Sonny Borrelli and Rep. Steve Pierce. Legislators tabled another bill this year allowing sports betting in bars and other locations across Arizona.

Getting started with legal sports betting in Arizona is not easy, however. Not only would state law need to be changed and likely get voter approval, but federal law on the outsourcing of tribal games would need to be clarified.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act stipulates that tribal games must take place on reservation areas. Proponents claim that mobile wagers actually take place at the location of the server that processes the bet, and not on the device that accepts it.

The language in the Borrelli-Pierce calculation goes into a gray area:

“A Native American tribe authorized to operate sports betting under this section may conduct sports betting through kiosks or similar machines located in one or more premises that will have a bar license, a beer and wine bar license or a private club license issued in accordance with Title 4 and can conclude a leasing or rental agreement for the purpose of operating sports betting with a person who has a bar license, a beer and wine bar license or a private club license. “

Ducey likely to sign the sports betting bill?

CJ Karamargin, the governor’s spokesman, stated in a KJZZ report that Ducey views sports betting as part of a wider game expansion:

“Our goal is to bring Arizona Gaming into the 21st century,” said Karamargin. “A lot has changed since the first contracts were signed when cell phones weren’t what they are now. The world looks very different today and our proposal is to reflect the way people live their lives today. “

Arizona has 22nd nationally recognized tribes, 16 work from it 24 casinos in the state.

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