The tail of the Phillie Phanatic – the hidden underbelly of the New Look mascot

As reported by the Philadelphia Phillies[h]We have evolved, but we have clearly not matured. “

This week the Phillies unveiled their mascot in a new look … which received little more than a fix. As discovered at the Phillies Spring Training kick-off, the infamous Phillie Phanatic came out with new feathers, stars outlining the eyes, an enlarged bum, and a brand new powder blue tail, among other things.

Most casual fans will hardly notice a difference, and even die-hard Phillies fans are divided. Some prefer the traditional style while others wrote off the changes as not that big a deal. Tom Burgoyne, the man behind the mask, remarked, “He’s still the same old Phanatic, only with a little more sash in him.”

Then what was the point of this new glow? As we have already discussed in detail, the Phillies are currently in a massive legal battle over the protection of the rights to the beloved mascot. As a brief background, Harrison / Erickson, Inc. (H / E) claims that its main members, Bonnie and Wayde Erickson, designed the legendary mascot back in 1978.

This brings us back to this latest change; This revision will take place before the 35 year old copyright agreement expires on June 15th. Through these updates to the overall character, the Phillies will likely argue that the character has now been changed significantly, even if they lost on merits to renegotiate in 1984. As Burgoyne noted, this litigation “started” the transformation of the Phanatic.

Ultimately, this will likely result in an additional stance that the Phillies hope will aid them in the final H / E solution. As June 15 approaches, keep your eyes peeled for a possible solution. The Phillies compensate for the H / E related to the Phanatic’s rise to fame over the past few decades.

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