TN Sports Betting Regulator ends litigation with a 24/7 action

A Wednesday Meetings that were not guaranteed to deal with TN sports betting resulted in unexpected litigation resolution.

Action 24/7 CEO Tina Hodges forwarded a received letter Wednesday Night of Tennessee Eduction Lottery General Counsel Guard McCutcheon that is, the thing is over:

“The temporary suspension of the license from Aktion 24/7 and the disciplinary action of a board of directors who [Sports Wagering Council]or the TEL employees relating to the allegations that the TEL employees presented to the Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting on March 19, 2021 are void. “

Action 24/7 won an injunction against TEL after the Board of Directors suspended its TN sports betting license without following proper procedures.

Action around the clock to protect the integrity of TN sports betting

Hodges told LSR on Wednesday afternoon that she had heard of the approved resolution during the TEL board meeting but was unsure of what exactly it meant.

In a statement accompanying Thursday’s letter, Hodges said she was happy with the result:

“We are pleased that this matter is coming to an end. We appreciate our loyal players and friends across the state for their unwavering support. Tennessee is our home. We pride ourselves on being the only locally owned and operated licensed sports betting company.

“We continue to seek to work with the TEL Board of Directors and Sports Betting Council to maintain an environment of compliance and integrity for the Tennessee sports betting community.”

The board was ambiguous on litigation

The meeting of the TEL administrative board finally dealt with the topics of the board meeting on that day. This included a meeting with an external TEL lawyer on the subject of “pending litigation” for each chairperson Susan Lanigan::

“The other was to get advice and advice from our outside attorney on pending litigation. All the board members were there for that, we could put any questions to the lawyer and listen to their advice.

“So what I’m going to ask now is a motion to have this pending lawsuit resolved as mandated by a lawyer this morning – a lawsuit pending in Davidson County. Can I get an application for this? “

The board of directors apparently voted unanimously, although the telephone sessions of the TEL are known to be difficult to hear. An open microphone could be heard joking about the board and holding a “roll call” with three board members on the phone.

An unidentified male board member weighed in when Lanigan asked for comments prior to voting:

“I believe it is in the organization’s interest to bring the litigation to a close.”

Lanigan added she also supported the motion before voting.

Recapping Action 24/7 Suspension

Shortly before, TEL suspended the Action 24/7 license March madness. The first-time sports betting provider has reported itself 23 Cases of debit card fraud lasting more than a week.

This resulted in Lanigan suspending the action around the clock on the day the TEL first learned of the problems March 18. The full board voted to maintain Lanigan’s suspension the following day.

Action 24/7 quickly requests an injunction. An injunction was eventually issued for two main reasons: The court ruled that the action would suffer “immediate and irreparable damage” around the clock and that TEL was not following due process.

Action seems to be clear

There is no active investigation of the measures taken in relation to the internal controls of sports betting. These controls meet the requirements of the internal minimum control standards, the letter says.

Action’s license is now also considered fully effective and with the TEL in good condition.

Five TN sports betting applications are still pending

The TEL has four sports betting applications that are currently under review.

A fifth, CEO Rebecca Hargrove said, was delivered via multiple boxes Tuesday evening.

There are currently seven sports betting providers in Tennessee who have recently passed away $ 1 billion under control in the first six months.

Lanigan is leaving TEL

Lanigan also announced her resignation from her position, which was about to end June 2024.

Will Carver and John Crosslin were approved as chair or vice chair after Lanigan nominated them.

In the long run, this doesn’t matter much to sports betting in Tennessee. Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign SB 588 in the law that will put them Advisory Committee on Sports Betting responsible for betting regulation instead of the TEL.

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