Visit VectorVest Official Website:

Visit VectorVest Official Website:

VectorVest has developed a state-of-the-art stock research software that provides individual investors and financial advisors professional searching and monitoring tools.

Offering a highly developed solution that features numerous stock charting and analytical tools, VectorVest helps traders manage portfolios, analyze business sectors and industry groups, and make well-informed investment decisions. Thousands of stocks can be watched simultaneously and are compared with historical data collected from the past 20 years. The result is fast and accurate information on current market trends along with reliable investment recommendations based on the most recent data available.

The system is based on scientifically verified mathematical models created by Dr. Bart DiLiddo, one of the world’s leading investment experts and has been continuously updated and improved ever since. Dr. DiLiddo’s goal was to develop a method that would deliver exact and quick explanations into what causes a stock’s price to increase or decrease. He wanted to answer 3 questions every investor should know answer to: What a stock is really worth, how safe a stock really is, and whether to Buy, Sell, or Hold that stock. He discovered, tested, and combined a number of mathematical models that take all the influencing factors into consideration and generate expert stock market trend analysis, allowing users to reap maximum profit with minimum risk.

Two critical features form the foundation for VectorVest’s successful track record: speed and usability. Using proven algorithms, the software analyzes, ranks, and graphs more than 23,000 stocks for their relative value, relative safety, and relative timing, faster than even the most experienced investor could. Based on these results users then receive immediate and clear BUY, SELL or HOLD signals, allowing investors to act and react fast without wasting any valuable time that can be so crucial in this business. All this is available at the user’s fingertips – analysis and transactions can be completed with only a few mouse clicks.

VectorVest computes a stock’s current worth, relative value, relative safety, and relative timing. All of these values are combined to calculate the current rating of a stock, which can range anywhere between 0.00 and 2.00. As a rule of thumb, ratings above 1.00 are worth looking at, while anything below 1.00 is a red flag. With the sophisticated software VectorVest developed, investors can check all these factors within only a few seconds, as well as other parameters, including dividend yields, P/E ratios, or earnings growth rates.

Software packages are available for the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Europe, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Tools include a Portfolio Manager, which keeps track of all transactions performed within an account and enables the simulation of interest payments and cash withdrawals, a Field List Selector, which displays default parameters, customizable fields and multiple drawing and annotation features, and UniSearch, a search engine that has combines strategies, watch lists, and trends for optimized results.

Dr. DiLiddio’s powerful system allows investors using VectorVest to analyze the performance of individual stocks, gauge their risks, and recognize market tops and bottoms. In turn, they are granted the opportunity to make faster, smarter, and better stock market decisions and increase their profits.